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Letter: It’s a legal right to not get vaccinated

Have we forgotten the antibodies of those who have gotten and lived through the COVID-19 virus? I am hearing more and more people say these days that “there can never be herd immunity if we all don’t get the shot.”

I ask those with such hard, mean hearts, what drives your desire to see those who are using their right to choose to suffer and be excluded? Don’t you have any faith in the very vaccine you subjected yourself to?

Why are some so willing to divide and hate others? Why is it OK to say “my body my choice” when it comes to ending a child’s life, but it isn’t OK for another to say “my body my choice” and not take the vaccine? We don’t punish the mother who chose to eliminate the life inside of her. I am sure there are plenty who would like to see that, but it’s not the norm.

Yet everyday, I hear self righteous people say punish the nonvaccinated. These groups who support this cruelty see the nonvaccinated as “less than.“ Remember during World War II, people were told to believe Jews were unclean and “less than.” So I can’t help but wonder if the government came and started rounding the people up who exercised their legal right to not get the vaccine would these same “nonvaccinated haters” rejoice in seeing their fellow human beings being taken away?

Get a hold of yourselves, and remember herd immunity happens even without vaccines, and we cannot vaccinate the world as much as many would like to see that happen. It’s not possible. We still have to live and work among each other, so stop the fear mongering and have faith in your own choices, leave others alone to make their choices and live with it. Stop advocating to exclude and punish those who you don’t accept.

Do your own homework on the facts, like flu deaths last year, PCR CTs, herd immunity and TB deaths around the world, instead of being lazy and regurgitating what only one side says. There is another set of facts out there worth exploring before making life-changing choices. That is what the nonvaxxers have done. It takes some effort, but it will be worth it in the end.

To quote FDR who made the saying famous, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.“ So I beg you get your own fear under control before it kills us all.

Kathleen Campbell

Steamboat Springs

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