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Letter: In response to Sheriff Wiggins

Sheriff Wiggins,

In response to your Letter to the Editor where you clarify your position from your recent Facebook post and interview statements regarding the protests happening across the country, you couldn’t be more insincere. I don’t think you truly understand what people are protesting in the first place. I don’t think you’re listening. I say this not to attack you for a difference in opinion but more as an opportunity to have a conversation. 

You state, “Unfortunately, racism is a real part of our history that has had long lasting and negative effects on society.” Racism is happening. Right Now. Every day. That’s why people are protesting.

You state in your Letter, “I stand in support of people of all races and ethnicities.” This is the equivalent of saying, “All lives matter.” It seems like a harmless statement but what it does is further marginalizes the experiences of a very marginalized group, stripping away the uniqueness of their struggles. People in positions of authority have been fueling this fire for far too long. This is why people are protesting.

You also mention, “I am dedicated to bringing unity to all ethnicities and seeing a time when we all see each other as people without any reference to the color of someone’s skin.” Unity is not the primary issue here, it’s inequality. That’s the whole point. Our black friends and neighbors have been fighting for equality for 200-plus years in this country and have been stifled. That’s why people are protesting. We’re not “coming together for the common good of all” as you state, we’re coming together for our black community who has been discriminated against and senselessly murdered for centuries.

Finally, please look up the psychology of rioting and looting and stop lumping together peaceful protesters in with this group. There are vastly different motivations at play for all of these behaviors. They are not the same.

For all of the reasons your Facebook post and interview sparked anger, you do nothing to diffuse this with your follow up. In my mind, you’ve further solidified yourself as unfit for your position of authority in our county. Please listen. People protest to be heard.

Sign the petition to remove Sheriff Wiggins.

Laura Maxwell
Routt County

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