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Letter: Here’s the real deal

According to Steamboat Pilot & Today, Routt County has 48% of eligible people fully vaccinated. Also, according to the latest COVID update, there has not been a new hospitalization in Routt County since the week of March 5. Yet, this is not good enough. Our commissioners and local “experts” want 75% to be fully vaccinated before they lift the restrictions and mask mandates. Our commissioners and local “experts” are misguided at best.

It is abundantly apparent looking at last year’s data and current data that NPIs (nonpharmaceutical interventions) do not impact spread. Clearly, NPIs don’t work. This virus, like all other respiratory viruses, is seasonal and regional.

Herd immunity is a phenomenon that occurs when a certain percentage of the population is infected and/or vaccinated. So, 50% have been vaccinated and almost 2,200 have been infected. Many more have had it and did not know or did not test. Yes, natural immunity is as good or better than vaccines. Please search out the most recent studies in the UK and Israel.

That is 60% of the county that now has immunity. There is no reason whatsoever for a person who has been fully vaccinated to mask. The same can be said for folks like me who have natural immunity. The “experts” here want 75%.

This is absurd. County restrictions and mandates should be lifted. This quote from Mr. Corrigan concerning vaccinations is dumbfounding, “Even if you are a little worried about it, or you think it is silly, well, do it anyway and then we will get rid of the restrictions. That is the deal that is on the table; I am hoping people take it.”

People who have had COVID don’t need the vaccine unless they want it. Many others have good reasons not to vaccinate, considering trials were cut short by a few years, and the vaccines have a significant side effect profile.

Here’s the real deal Mr. Corrigan. You and our local “experts” work for me and the other fine citizens of Routt County. A growing number of us have grown tired of your diktats. It is time to move on. This virus is now endemic, and we must be deal with it like all other respiratory viruses. The vaccinated and the previously infected need not fear our fellow citizens who have chosen not to vaccinate. It is their choice.

Commissioners, lift the mask mandate and all county restrictions. You and public health are losing what credibility you had left very fast.

Henry Skelton

Steamboat Springs

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