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Letter: Fight the virus, not one another

The divisions we are seeing across the country seem to be affecting us here in Routt County, and it has to stop. We have a common enemy, COVID-19. At the moment, the virus is winning.

Mask or no mask, distance or socialize, protect one another or every man/woman for him/herself, believe or deny science, trust or mistrust officials that we elected — we seem to disagree on many of those questions.

We all want the kids in school, the businesses open and time with family and friends, but the only way we get that life back is to stop the spread of the virus. Vaccines are coming, but for most of us, it will be spring before we are able to get the vaccination and resume our normal lives.

In the meantime, at the rate we are going, more of us will catch the virus. Some will be fine, but some of us will have lasting disabilities. Some of us may die.

The solution is simple — we must cooperate with one another to stop the local spread and keep the virus at bay until it can be defeated.

Wear your mask. That simple act protects both of us and actually keeps your face a little warmer. Social distance for both our sakes. Limit the number of people you interact with. Even if you feel fine, you may be spreading the virus. If you don’t feel good, stay home. If you have been exposed, isolate until you get a test, and stay home until you get the results.

We all have COVID fatigue, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and the goal is to get there together.

Hopefully, we’ll all be here to celebrate when this is over. Then we can go back to disagreeing if we must.

Nancy Schwanke


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