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Letter: Federal voting laws should be taken out of states’ control

The president did something extremely rare awhile back. It should be noted by all, especially historians. He told the truth. And the GOP Congress and, apparently, six of the nine SCOTUS members agree with what he said. So all those folks have, and are, continuing to take steps to prove his rare truth telling.

Basically, he said when more people vote, less Republicans win. He even said “none” would win. That is a bit of a stretch. But if all the eligible Americans were allowed to vote, the GOP would not see the White House again. At least not until they got back to what their party used to stand for.

Gerrymandering has been used by both parties, although the Republicans have used it on steroids, as the saying goes. But what they have been trying since Donald Trump became No. 45 is shameful, unpatriotic, probably illegal and certainly un-American.

It is time for the Constitution to be changed to make federal voting laws be taken out of the states’ power. There is so much confusion and dirty tricks that it is becoming a world embarrassment. We are supposed to be the “shining light of democracy.” We are becoming a joke, as far as a level voting field. Donald Trump, the GOP and now the Supreme Court have done their best to eliminate as many Democratic voters as possible.

Removing voting drop boxes, cutting back on voter registration days, restricting the counting time, and the list goes on and on. If you can’t win fairly, change the rules and cheat. It is depressing to think where this administration and the majority Senate have taken our once great way of government.

It is also time to get rid of the outdated and ridiculous electoral college with all its confusing rules — to the most voted for goes the power. Simple.

Go vote if you haven’t yet.

Ken Collins

Oak Creek

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