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Letter: Colorado gun law is nothing more than ’political theater’

As with every murder, the death of Isabella Joy Thallas last summer was a senseless tragedy. And this week, it’s despicable that her senseless death was exploited by Colorado Democrats to pass a bill that amounts to nothing more than political theater.

If Senate Bill 78 was law last year, how would it have prevented Ms. Thallas’s death? Had the gun that was used to kill her been reported as stolen, how would that have stopped the murderer from pulling the trigger? If the gun had been reported stolen, how would police have tracked down the stolen gun with dwindling resources in the first place?

The passing of House Bill 1106 is another example of legislation that is nothing more than political theater. Responsible gun owners don’t need a law directing them how to secure their firearms. They already do it; it’s common sense.

What’s more, how could this law be enforced to prevent a crime? Police cannot violate the Fourth Amendment to search a person’s home without a warrant to inspect their gun security. Any enforcement of this law would be after a crime was committed with an unsecure firearm. And if there was a circumstance where an unsecure firearm was legally discovered by law enforcement, who’s to know if a crime was prevented using that firearm?

As with nearly all gun control laws, these two laws are based on fear and emotion, not reason and facts. The fact is, there is no evidence that gun control laws are effective at preventing crimes with firearms.

In 1976, Washington, D.C., banned handgun possession. Analysis of FBI crime statistics shows, from 1976 to 1990, the murder rate in the city increased 65%. Similarly, in 1982, Chicago implemented a handgun ban. Over the next 10 years, the murder rate in that city increased 33%, according to FBI crime statistics. That’s not to imply these policies caused the increases; it’s to demonstrate these policies had no effect on the murder rate.

As with any gun control law, these two laws will do nothing more than harass law-abiding gun owners in order to placate a constituency that sadly responds favorably to fear. If Colorado Democrats were truly serious about controlling gun violence, there would be much stronger discussions and legislation directed at solving our mental health issues, which are the root cause of Colorado’s mass shootings and suicides.

Pete Wood

Routt County Republican Central Committee chair

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