Letter: Case illustrates need for tighter gun restrictions in Routt County

A recent report in the Steamboat Pilot & Today says Steamboat police confiscated four AR-15s, seven handguns, two shotguns, thousands of rounds of ammunition, more than 100 fully loaded handgun and rifle magazines.

“That guy could have done some damage,” said Police Chief Sherry Burlingame. “If opportunity and means came together at the same time.”

“The department worked alongside the FBI and Secret Service following numerous alleged threats made against friends, family members, politicians and law enforcement,” the article says, adding that he purchased all guns legally.

We like to think our small idyllic town is outside the threat of this kind of violence that is sweeping the country. But unfortunately here it is.

We may have narrowly avoided a mass tragedy in our town. But the threat is ongoing with current national gun policies. But we can at least change these locally. Please join the voices that urge our county commissioners to enact local gun laws and restrictions, despite the minority political opposition from representatives like Rep. Lauren Boebert.

Count me among the many sensible citizens of Routt County that would like to set the new standard for the next generation and enact sensible gun regulations in our towns. I am a proud gun owner and wife of a lifelong hunter. But we should ban assault weapons.

We require all people who want to drive a car (which can be a lethal weapon) to get training credentials, pass a test and register. We should require the same of all gun owners. A young man cannot buy beer until he’s 21, but he can buy a semi-auto AR-15 with little to no credentials. That’s just irresponsible and nuts! And a Red Flag Law is a no-brainer. This is not a political battle — just plain good human decency. You can email Routt County at, or other county contacts you can find online.

Lora Russell

Steamboat Springs

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