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Letter: Capitol siege had same dynamics as lynchings at hands of KKK

I just realized that what I observed last Wednesday at the Capitol was the same dynamics that my father experienced during the lynching of a Black man in Maryland in his youth. He was traumatized by it as I am today.

It was 1937. A black man was accused of raping a white woman. A mob of white people demanded that they be allowed to administer justice to the accused. The sheriff stepped aside and opened the cell. The man was lynched and then his body was dragged through the town by a car.

I am white, and I have always felt a responsibility, which is reflected in my politics, about what my father’s tribe did. It was meant to make sure that Black people knew they were in danger, because justice and law enforcement would not be on their side

My father left the South and never did I hear a word of prejudice from him. He told me that he had been a member of the KKK at that time (he was 10). He said he joined because it was like joining the Boy Scouts. The mission of the group was not questioned. It was his tribe.

Yesterday’s police, stepping aside and allowing this mob into my Capital, has the same impacts of a lynching. The Department of Justice deemed white supremacists our biggest domestic terrorist threat. It was known that these angry far right people were convening in D.C. and outside the Capitol yet there was no police presence to counter balance them. If it had been people of color, far left or antifa, the police force would have been in high numbers.

So as in 1937, the message is loud and clear — if you do not subscribe to white supremacy or are a person of color, be afraid. There will be no justice nor accountability.

Let’s fix this.

Noreen Moore


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