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Letter: ’Cancel culture’ is typical GOP response

It seems whenever there are criticisms of the truthfulness of a statement by the right, their response is “cancel culture.” The statements we are talking about are: Donald Trump won the election, there was massive voter fraud, racism is not a problem, COVID-19 is a hoax, government is the problem, etc. It was even invoked by Trump’s lawyer in the impeachment trial.

Another example is the governor of Georgia calling the MLB cancellation of the All Star game in Georgia “cancel culture.” The MLB canceled this event because the conservative legislature passed voter suppression bills to reduce voter turnout for people of color, which would increase conservatives’ chances of being reelected.

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan used “cancel culture” to defend his fellow Republican, Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, following criticism of her support of Qanon conspiracy theories and her racist social media posts.

Republicans have for a long time used the phrase “cancel culture” to criticize the left instead focusing on substantive debates. But lately, they have used it on themselves.

Republican representative from Florida, Matt Gaetz, flew to Wyoming to cancel out Rep. Liz Cheney by attempting to remove her from her leadership position, because she voted to impeach Trump.

Black Lives Matter and the #MeToo movement are referred to as “cancel culture.” The right pretends the real victims in America are white men, and there is nothing wrong with racist comments and hurtful behavior against women or people of color.

It seems like the conservatives should do a better job of hiding these positions as they are not popular with 60% to 70% of Americans. Even the majority of Republican voters do not agree with many of conservative positions their Republican representatives are taking.

In a conservative website bashing “cancel culture,” they took out of context former President Barrack Obama’s speech at a college campus voicing his criticism of “cancel culture.” He said we should have respectful dialogue and discussion about our differences. But you can only have this debate if you are using the truth, facts and reality and not an “alternative reality,” such as that the election was a fraud, and COVID-19 is a hoax.

I do hope Republican and unaffiliated voters in 2022 realize the second COVID-19 relief bill and the proposed infrastructure/jobs bill will provide additional needed COVID-19 relief, income support, jobs and a growing economy for all states, whether they are blue, red or purple.

John Spezia

Steamboat Springs

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