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Letter: Boring Biden will be a welcome change

“May you live in interesting times.” – Ancient Chinese blessing/curse

Last week was pretty darn interesting.

Last Tuesday saw Georgia voters flip two Senate races from Red to Blue, which creates a 50-50 tie that can be broken by Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris and ends Moscow Mitch’s reign of obstructionism to everything and anything from Democratic politicians.

Wednesday, we saw Donald Trump address a massive crowd of Proud Boys, white supremacists and MAGA-hatters, aim them at Congress and whip them up into a frenzy of hate — all based on his lies that the election was stolen from him.

The avalanche of Trump cultists stormed the Capitol while the Senate and House were in the midst of tallying up electoral votes. In a normal presidential election year, that would be a routine task, the last step toward establishing the electoral winner as the new president.

This year, Republican representatives and senators were bent on discrediting the electoral votes from swing states that switched from Trump in 2016 to Joe Biden in 2020. They failed, and Biden will be inaugurated as president on Jan. 20.

Also last week, we witnessed the COVID-19 pandemic burn across the country, with records set every day in new cases, new hospitalizations and new deaths, averaging over 3,000 a day. But Trump can’t be bothered by the pandemic carnage. All he can talk or Twitter about is how he won the November election in an avalanche, but victory was stolen from him. He has no evidence of electoral fraud, though he begged Georgia officials to find proof. Despite three recounts there is still no evidence of fraud in Georgia, nor anywhere else.

Back to the assault on the Capitol, there is growing evidence that it was a very near thing to bloody revolution. Senators and representatives were hustled away to secure locations, just minutes before thugs with plastic tie cuffs began roaming chambers and hallways. Some terrorists planned arrests, show trials and executions to get what they wanted — another four years of Trump in the White House. And there is also growing evidence that Republicans in the building were in cahoots with the mob outside. Our own pistol-packing Rep. Boebert, was live-tweeting the location and movement of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, during the attack. Why? Maybe to help the mob grab her?

I’m tired of “interesting.” Boring Biden will be a welcome change.


Brodie Farquhar


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