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Letter: Boebert brings hope

The world feels upside-down. We have lived through the most restrictive and punishing COVID-19 mandates, smoke, rising costs, high taxes, inflation and constant road issues. Much of the struggle has been caused by government officials who won’t stay in their lane and who don’t see their role being the protection of the individual.

For example, our road issues were caused by flash floods through burn scars, which were caused by wildfires, which were caused by decades of government mandated, unnatural fire suppression and subsequent abandonment of forest care. Interstate 70 was closed, and Routt County bore the brunt of it.

In addition, some local small businesses closed their doors forever. This was caused by our county commissioners, who collected their enormous salaries, while telling others to take massive pay cuts and implied anyone was selfish if they voiced a struggle.

This is why I am refreshed by Congresswoman Lauren Boebert. She continues to study the issues that affect our district, base her messaging on human rights and freedom (protecting a citizen’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) and, most importantly, writes her legislation with that purpose in mind.

She is a member of the House Freedom Caucus, a group that debates the constitutionality of every law they vote on. She also has sponsored many quality pieces of legislation, such as HR 4302, The Active Forest Management, Wildfire Prevention, and Community Protection Act, which sets up forest management at no cost to the taxpayers. At this point, due to government mismanagement, this is necessary to protect the property rights of Coloradans whose homes are threatened by fire.

You won’t find her legislation or her true messaging if you look at the local papers. It doesn’t fit their narrative that Boebert is all flash and no substance. But you, the voter, can still find this info by signing up for legislative updates from her campaign or go to her profile on Congress.gov to see a complete list of all legislation she sponsors or co-sponsors.

I encourage voters to do their own research in the age of activist journalism, and I encourage our local officials to take notice of Boebert’s love of human flourishing as they examine the purpose of their own offices. If more officials would care about the Constitution like Boebert, many of the past year’s problems could have been avoided.

Kathryn White


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