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Letter: Blaming COVID deaths on Trump ’enablers’ is high on hypocrisy meter

Well, there you have it. According to John Spezia, (“Letter: COVID deaths are not just numbers“), what is wrong with America is that over 70 million Americans didn’t vote for his preferred presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

Now to be honest, I didn’t vote for Joe Biden. I watched his 40-year political career fairly up close, including his two terms as President Barrack Obama’s understudy and concluded he would not be the president of my choice. But I didn’t vote for Donald Trump, either.

Four years of his act vindicated my 2016 judgment that he would lead my party, the Republican Party, off a cliff, not to mention what he would do to America. So rather than choose between Biden and Trump, I wrote my wife’s name in. She viewed it as a wasted vote. I thought it was the second time in life that, in picking her, I made a very sound choice.

More to the point of Mr. Spezia’s latest anti-Republican bill of particulars, I must suggest his criticisms are, not surprisingly, high on the hypocrisy meter. Like many who would rather lose a hand than pull a lever for a Republican, the only difference between how Mr. Spezia views the past four years compared to the next four is that recent screams of horror over problematic events he thinks are controlled by who sits in the White House will now turn to silence.

Take the largely partisan assertion, parroted by Mr. Spezia, that a majority of COVID-19 deaths could have been prevented if the strings of the federal government had been pulled by someone other than Mr. Trump, particularly if that someone else was a registered Democrat. The truth is, we have no way of knowing.

Now I get the idea that presidents get blamed for what goes wrong on their watch. This may not be fair or right, but it is very American. Nevertheless, we are talking about a virus that no one initially understood and few recognized as a threat even months after it first silently arrived on our shores.

The Trump daily briefings and his other pronouncements about the virus were far from good television, but he was part of a long list of national political leaders who found out that a virus in a free society takes little direction from press briefings and policy pronouncements. And as a former federal government official, I would suggest that hindsight from the comfort of the Yampa Valley is a lot easier than real-time crisis decision making, whatever one’s political affiliation.

So if it makes you feel better, Mr. Spezia, blame those 70 million Trump enablers for the COVID-19 deaths we all mourn. Just remember, that way of thinking is the Trump way of thinking. And ask yourself, is that the lesson of the Trump years you hope endures?

Steven Hofman, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Labor

Steamboat Springs

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