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Letter: Ask yourselves what you’re voting for

Please ask yourselves the following questions:

Who can be against giving Black and Hispanic children a good education by allowing charter schools?  

Who can be for regulations and taxation that drive manufacturing and countless jobs from our country and gift it to another country?

Who can be for unfair trade practices that allow foreign countries to take advantage of our country and our people?

Who can be for supporting and defending other countries with American taxpayers’ hard earned tax dollars and the blood and treasure of the youth of America in order to benefit politicians’ benefactors?

Who can be for open borders where drugs pour across them, terrorists enter our country, and illegals arrive with medical issues, criminal records and a need to take advantage of the American people?  

Who can be for taxing the American people, who are struggling themselves, to support people who break our laws, contribute nothing and make demands on those who are supporting them?  

Who, in their right mind, would consider defunding police and turning criminals loose without bail within hours of being incarcerated?

Who would allow hopes, dreams and personal property to be destroyed for months on end?

Who can be for eliminating God from our schools and daily lives? 

If you are at all puzzled by these questions, you are not getting your news from a credible source and, worse, you are being lied to by the very folks you placed your trust in.

President Ronald Reagan once stated that “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” Unbelievably, America has once again arrived at the crossroads where freedom and socialism/communism intersect. We have been here before and it was just four short years ago that we the people chose freedom over socialism/communism and the continued hijacking of America. Hillary Clinton, President Obama and the cesspool that is Washington, D.C., believed that Hillary would be the third term of Obama and that his stated goal of “fundamentally transforming America” and their unstated goal of collectively covering their derrières was safely in hand.

However, we the people had a different plan and that was to return to the America we loved and away from the socialist/communist dreams of the radical left who increasingly have an ever tightening stranglehold on the Democratic Party.

You are not voting for a personality but rather for your freedom.

Jack McEncroe
Steamboat Springs

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