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Letter: An open letter to Rep. Lauren Boebert

Re: your tweet of July 8: “Biden has deployed his Needle Nazis to Mesa County.”

Sadly, this is not the first time I have been called upon to write a letter on this subject. When you co-opt a word because you can make a catchy alliteration, because you can make political hay (something I wouldn’t feed to my horse, but that’s for another day), and in so doing, you bring pain to many of your constituents and far beyond, does it bother you? Or are you just happy that it will go wide?

Do you think that “Nazi” is just there free for the taking? Why is that any different than the N-word? Would you use that word if you could make a memorable phrase, regardless of its effect on citizens of color who heard it?

In case you missed that section of 20th century history class in high school, the actual Nazis attempted to purify their land by segregating, arresting, transporting, tearing families apart (that one sound at all familiar?), forcing slave labor, torturing and killing under horrendous conditions 6 million Jews, uncounted Roma, political opponents, disabled persons, LGBTQ persons and whoever else had the misfortune of being swept up by the Aryan machine as “undesirable.” Speaking for the Jewish community, we didn’t miss that day in class — we lived it in our families and far beyond. And still live it.

So that behavior, in your opinion, is equivalent to folks knocking on doors to talk about getting vaccinated against a deadly virus? Which has been administered to many millions of people worldwide? Which is still optional?

As my mother, my grandmother, and — I hope — your mother and grandmother would say, “You should be ashamed.” Do you have a sense of shame? In my home, you would have been sent out to apologize. Maybe you should do that, too. It builds character.

And you could write on the blackboard (real or virtual): “I will not misuse the term ‘Nazi’ for political gain.” I’d say that’s worth 100 repetitions. In your best handwriting.

I’ll be waiting.

Very truly yours,

Joella West

Steamboat Springs

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