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Letter: An American travesty

America no longer has a two-party system. At least two parties that both are concerned with our democracy. Since the 2016 election, one of the parties has become a cult.

A cult with your usual type of cult leader, a “Jim Jones” type, interested in only one thing — himself. Whether it be for money or power, that cult leader, now out of office, by the way, still holds sway over his minions who voted him in.

In fact, his followers are like sheep, at times violent sheep, that follow every word, as dyslexic as he is. Rarely does he make sense. But 40 million-plus followers are under his spell. To the extent that they will rid their political party of anyone who shows rational thinking — Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski and a few others come to mind. The GOP has become a party of spineless, get-reelected-at-any-cost, forget-what-democracy-means politicians.

Not willing to back a congressional commission to delve into the violent revolt at the Capitol is the prime example of bending the knee to the main cause of the insurrection itself, even though they were the target themselves. These folks were willing to have a commission after 9/11. January 6 was a violent disaster that is a greater danger to American democracy than 9/11, because it was Americans attacking us.

And now to further their goal, they are attempting the overthrow of free elections; a majority of states, run by GOP legislatures, are making it difficult, if not impossible, to vote. Because in 2016, more Americans voted than ever before. And the cult leader lost by almost 8 million votes. And he whined and stomped and got his followers to storm our government, endangering the lives of the very spineless representatives who now bow down.

What would a bipartisan commission find? End the filibuster, and we will find out. It won’t be good for one of the parties.

Ken Collins

Oak Creek

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