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Letter: America’s border crisis

I think most Americans, and reasonable people worldwide, agree that every country on Earth should have control over who enters their country and under what circumstances. In previous generations, Americans welcomed immigrants that followed our laws and contributed great value to our diverse nation. In more modern times, however, America has seemingly abandoned the lawful immigration standards of the past.

Although the previous administration in Washington placed great effort into protecting our southern U.S. border from illegal immigration, drugs, terrorists and human trafficking, the new administration has reversed many of these policies and created a predictable and preventable crisis on our southern border.

While President Joe Biden supports a national COVID-19 vaccine passport program that will soon be required for U.S. citizens to attend events in states like New York, countless immigrants enter the U.S. each day with no COVID-19 screening and no requirement for vaccine passports. U.S. border authorities have no idea how many immigrants are entering illegally each day — much less who they are or what they are bringing into America.

Recently, two Yemeni men listed on the U.S. terrorist watch list were captured while illegally entering the U.S. across the southern border. These individuals weren’t captured together but separately among the waves of illegal immigrants intercepted on our border each day. Reasonable people wonder how many of the thousands of people that illegally enter the U.S. each day are wanted by U.S. and international law enforcement for criminal and/or terrorist activities.

Among these problems, the most insidious and evil is the prevalence of human trafficking along our southern border. Most Americans aren’t naive enough to believe the unaccompanied 3-, 4- and 5-year-old children appearing at our border decided to leave Guatemala or El Salvador alone and travel over 1,000 miles on foot for the promise of a better life in America. As a recent video showing two toddlers being brutally dropped over the border wall reveals, the trafficking of children across our southern border is a serious moral and legal problem.

In summary, the crisis on our southern border reflects a stunning hypocrisy in COVID-19 policy, an indifference for our national security and tolerating, if not enabling, child trafficking into America. President Biden should be ashamed at how much suffering his policies have created, and decent Americans of all political persuasions should demand more responsible and humane policy on our southern border.

Ken Mauldin

Steamboat Springs

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