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Letter: American privilege

A few concepts that might be helpful:

1. Life is not fair. The notion that everything should be fair is impossible to achieve as well as being completely unreasonable. Who would be in charge of even determining what fair looks like? If you believe you’re being dealt a “unfair” hand then take action to produce a better situation for yourself and be thankful when things get better.

2. Oppression is often a state of mind. Everyone faces challenges-everyone is faced with things that do not work in their favor. The best of the best become better when things get tough-challenge fuels them. The impression of being oppressed may be easier than actually putting in the hard work that is imperative to success.

3. Humans tend to lash out instead of seeking productive ways to actually fix problems. It never works out-obviously as seen lately. You lose your audience quickly. 

4. Why do people need to identify themselves by their race? Mexican Americans, African Americans, Native Americans. Imagine a nation of Americans. United as the people who live in the greatest nation the world has ever seen. The nation where liberty and freedom have created a voice for everyone. The ultimate price has been paid by countless soldiers to give us many rights that many take for granted. Let’s use our American privilege as the advantage that it can be. If you believe that you cannot succeed in The United States of America I suggest you give one of the other 194 countries in the world a try. You have the freedom to do that-your welcome.

5. All lives matter. Any delineation is absurd and counterproductive. If we desire to be equal it must be across the board. 

Jason Butts
Steamboat Springs 

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