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Letter: A suggestion to help local senior citizens

This letter is for Steamboat Springs City Council. I know you all are very busy solving Steamboat’s version of a national housing crisis and achieving sustainability. Good luck with that. However, I just returned from the grocery store, and I wish to urge immediate action on a problem that I believe (dare I say the word?) plagues our seniors every time they venture into a public venue.

One would hope this is a nonpartisan and noncontroversial issue — at least for anyone sympathetic to the vulnerabilities of those over age 60. I request a city ordinance that requires name tags in a minimum of 90-point type when entering the grocery store or Walmart, and yes, maybe even ACE or the liquor store.

As a longtime resident, it is so dispiriting to merrily push your cart into the produce section only to see what’s-her-name with whom you co-chaired a committee for 10 years and have no idea what her name is — only to flee to the frozen food aisle and run into what’s-his-name whose daughter was your daughter’s best friend all of third grade, and you got nothin’ in the name bank other than you’re sure it’s not Benedict Cumberbatch.

And don’t get me started on whoze-it in the bakery who is that nice nurse at Steamboat Med or wait, maybe the friendly teller at the bank. This is a critical morale-boosting measure. Just think. The happier seniors may even stop kvetching about the traffic and all the gol’darn newcomers. I know. I know. Some of you youngsters on council are thinking that this doesn’t sufficiently impact the whole community to merit your attention. But it does.

One gets so rattled forgetting names, they forget the Maalox and hemorrhoid cream and have to make two trips to the store (of course forgetting the recyclable bags on the second trip) so it’ll help on that sustainability thing. What’s-her-name, what’s-his-name, whoze-it and I all appreciate your serious consideration of this proposal. (I suppose it would be too much to ask to also require names of children, grandchildren and pets?)

Sally Claassen

Steamboat Springs

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