Larry Moore: A thief is a thief |

Larry Moore: A thief is a thief

On Wednesday March 27, my wallet was stolen on the third floor of the Rendezvous Lodge at Steamboat Resort. I had just purchased a pizza slice, and I set it down on a table 10 feet away. I immediately noticed my wallet was missing.

During the approximately 45 seconds that I was patting my self down in an attempt to find it, the thief swooped in just behind me, picked it up off the floor and vanished. I neither saw nor heard the thief.

At that time there were very few patrons in the restaurant, so it was hard for me to believe that someone would be so brazen as to sneak maybe six feet behind my back and make off with it. If I had turned around a few seconds sooner, the thief would have been caught red handed and hauled off to jail.

Maybe in an attempt to assuage their guilt, the perp dropped my wallet in a mailbox, which I retrieved from the post office yesterday — minus the cash of course. I’m putting this out there to remind people that thefts of opportunity become more common in Steamboat toward the end of the season. And also a message to the thief: when you looked at my driver’s license and saw that you had stolen the wallet of a local, maybe you thought that you would do the “right thing” and drop it in a mail box instead of the garbage.

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To that notion, I have two things to say — a thief is a thief; you are a thief, and secondly, you were very nearly caught. You escaped this time, but how will you out run your conscious? If this is not a problem for you, then God help you and those around you.

Larry Moore

Steamboat Springs

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