Kevin Gilman: Same care for all |

Kevin Gilman: Same care for all

If you are concerned about all of the proposed changes to our health care system but don’t have time to dig into the details, there is a really simple solution. A long time ago, through a truly bipartisan effort, Congress passed what it considered to be the ultimate health care plan. Unfortunately, members only gave it to themselves, at taxpayer expense. Similarly, at all levels of government, the average government employee has a better health care plan than the average taxpayer.

The simple solution is to contact your elected representatives and ask them to support CHFA — Congressional Healthcare For All. The hypocrisy of congress enjoying a Cadillac health plan while cutting benefits for the rest of us is shocking. Let’s drain the swamp and make it a level playing field. If we have to cut benefits because of budget constraints, so be it, as long as we are all on the same plan.

This is an urgent problem. Congress is trying to move in the opposite direction, setting itself further above the rest of us. Call or email your elected representatives as soon as possible, and tell them that all Americans deserve the same health care Congress has reserved for itself.

Kevin Gilman

Steamboat Springs

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