Routt County Democrats: Thank you Rep. Dylan Roberts and Colorado Dems |

Routt County Democrats: Thank you Rep. Dylan Roberts and Colorado Dems

Routt County Democrats
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Wow! 2022 is a year of historic investments for Colorado in education, behavioral health and housing — plus wildfire mitigation, public safety and protecting our water and environment — then add on saving Coloradans money, ensuring fair and transparent elections and codifying reproductive rights.

Thank you Rep. Dylan Roberts and Colorado Democrats for your leadership and inclusiveness in responding to the most pressing needs of Coloradans and for continuing to move our state forward.

There are a lot of bills and action for Routt County to be excited about.


2022 has been a truly transformational year for affordable housing. Colorado had a once-in-a-generation opportunity to direct federal resources from the American Rescue Plan and passed legislation investing $428 million dollars to make housing affordable:

• $178 million State Grants Investments in Local Affordable Housing (HB22-1304) — Grants throughout the state to develop affordable housing. These funds will be an amazing opportunity for our local Brown Ranch housing.

• $150 million Revolving Loan Fund Investment in Affordable Housing (SB22-159) — Finances affordable workforce housing, senior housing and housing designed for people living with disabilities and more.

• $40 million Innovative Housing Incentive Program (HB22-1282) — Boosts the affordable housing supply and increases homeownership rates by attracting and supporting the construction of innovative forms of affordable housing.

• $35 million Loan Program for Resident-Owned Communities (SB22-160) — Ensures the long-term affordability of mobile home parks by helping residents buy their land and create resident-owned communities.

• $25 million Middle Income Access Program (SB22-146) — Expands critical workforce housing so that middle-income families can access affordable housing in the communities they work in.

Super thanks to Rep. Dylan Roberts and Colorado Democrats for working with stakeholders throughout the state, including our local Yampa Valley Housing Authority, to craft legislation that will help all parts of Colorado — especially our rural and mountain resort communities.

Saving Coloradans Money

With Coloradans still recovering from the disruption of the pandemic, including rising inflation and supply chain challenges, Colorado Democrats prioritized saving Coloradans money. From tax relief and refunds, to ensuring Coloradans don’t face surprise medical bills, to funding universal free Pre-K, Colorado Democrats were leaders in supporting Colorado families.

There are too many bills to list, but we wanted to send special thanks to the Democrats prime sponsors for their great work in getting the Sales Tax Exemption for Essential Hygiene Products across the finish line:

• Sales Tax Exemption for Essential Hygiene Products (HB 22-1055) — This bill creates a state sales tax exemption for incontinence products, diapers and period products. It also gives cities and counties the legal option to add this exemption to local sales tax.

This is an example of a not-so-flashy bill that will have a big impact. Diapers, incontinence and menstrual products are essential hygiene products, and this bill will increase affordability for millions of Coloradans.

Protecting Reproductive Rights

In April 2022 Colorado Democrats passed the Reproductive Health Equity Act, making Colorado a leader in protecting reproductive rights nationwide:

• Reproductive Health Equity Act (HB22-1279) — This bill codifies a person’s fundamental right to make reproductive health-care decisions free from government interference.

Supreme Court Justice Alito’s draft opinion reversing almost 50 years of Roe v. Wade sent a shockwave through our country. For those who started their social activism with reproductive rights, to a generation who grew up with these freedoms, Justice Alito’s wide-reaching opinion is terrifying. At the national and state level, GOP leadership has stated that if they regain the majority, they will work to pass legislation criminalizing reproductive rights. In Colorado, state Republicans introduced extreme legislation defining “personhood” as starting at fertilization, which if passed, would have criminalized even emergency contraception. And zero — yes zero — Republicans voted for the Reproductive Health Equity Act. Thank you Colorado Democrats for protecting reproductive rights!

Under Democratic legislative leadership, 2022 has been a year of action targeted to help Colorado communities, families and neighbors as we transition through the pandemic challenges. We are energized and inspired both by this leadership and the many community stakeholders who shared their expertise and insight throughout the session. Thanks to this community and statewide teamwork, 2022 is a year of action — meaningful action that will help all Coloradans!

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