Doug Smith: Schools and water |

Doug Smith: Schools and water

One proposed site for a new school is west of Rout County Road 42 and lies in the Steamboat II Metro Water District. Currently, the Steamboat II Metro District contracts with the city for a set maximum number of gallons of treated water per day.

At the feedback meeting May 2, hosted by the school board at Anchor Way Church, Chase Baker, the district manager of the Steamboat II Metro District stated that the water supply of the Steamboat II Metro District is pretty much maxed out. To supply a new school, Steamboat II Metro District would need to negotiate with the city to acquire additional water. Unsaid was, without more water, the water supply for Steamboat II, Silver Spur and Heritage Park residents would be reduced.

Brad Meeks, superintendent of schools, stated there had been positive discussions with the city about increasing the amount of water they would provide for a new school but stopped short of saying there was a firm commitment.

Schools and athletic fields require a large amount of water.

Two unanswered questions: 1) How many gallons per day are required for the proposed school?  2) Will the city commit to providing this amount, so there is no impact on the water supply to our neighborhoods?

Doug Smith

Steamboat Springs

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