Dog’s Eye View: My how time flies! |

Dog’s Eye View: My how time flies!

Laura Tyler/For Steamboat Today

I was going back through our collection of articles to see if there might be a subject that could use a bit more attention. As I scrolled through masses of articles, I realized we have been writing this column for about 7 years. Holy cow! It doesn't feel like it's been that long. We really love doing it, and if you have a canine subject you'd like information about, let us know.

We've covered many topics and given extra attention to the ones we felt were relevant for that time. Dogs being off leash is still a very important subject and will be as long as there are conflicts and opposing opinions. The discussions behind varying thoughts are imperative. We all feel that we are right, until the sharing of ideas help develop a different point of view. This makes change possible. I think as we all continue to learn and grow, we should be prepared to modify our opinions. Knowledge is power, and the most important thing to consider is that we all want to do what's right.

There are many different aspects to the subject of dogs. Those of us in each singular canine profession work together to the benefit of each family whose life is enriched by a wonderful, healthy, stable, safe and happy dog.

I feel an attack of gratitude building here. Our veterinarians are our first outreach in times of health and growth issues, and they are crucial to our dogs' wellbeing. The years of medical schooling and continuing education maintain the highest standard of care for our family pets. The concern and respect they show our furry family members is beyond compare. We are fortunate to have great veterinarians in our valley.

Our law enforcement and animal control officers, as well as others who are called upon to intervene in skirmishes between species, have my highest respect. They have extraordinary skills in working toward conflict resolution to the betterment of our community and helping animals in need. Law enforcement personnel are painted with a dark brush, at times, when dealing with humans who believe the law doesn't pertain to them. I know they all care deeply about every situation they come across; whether it's keeping our trails safe from dangerous encounters or stepping into a situation that involves abuse or violence, they are there to help make things right and uphold the laws that keep us all safe. Thank you for your service and commitment.

Boarding facilities, groomers, dog walkers, pet sitters, dog trainers and behavior consultants round out the community of critter caring people. Our individual expertise produces a wonderful community of knowledge and love for the animals we cherish.

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I don't want to forget our exceptional pet stores, who provide all the things we need to maintain and furnish our homes with dog beds, toys, healthy foods and warm clothes. It takes all of us to provide the services people find necessary to make the best life possible for their family pets. We might come from different circumstances and have varying educational backgrounds but we all love dogs. No flip flopping on that issue.

As spring teases us with warmer temperatures, and green earth begins to decorate our landscape, it's a good time to think about dusting off the training books, reviewing your trainer skills and lacing up your hiking boots. Go outside and play with your dog, and as my mom would say, "Don't come home until dinner is ready!"

Knowing how time flies, we need to cherish every moment. Make every day with your furry friend a good day.

Laura Tyler is a certified professional dog trainer with more than 25 years of experience. She has earned associate certification through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, as well as Certified Nose Work Instructor through the National Association of Canine Scent Work. She owns Total Teamwork Training LLC in Northwest Colorado.