Chuck McConnell: Hateful letters against Trump are a disgrace |

Chuck McConnell: Hateful letters against Trump are a disgrace

The hate and spite shown by local residents in Letters to the Editor against President Trump, his administration and policies are a disgrace. This vitriol toward the American administration is, in fact, directly against America. The disregard for truth found in these missiles should be embarrassing to the writers.

A prime example is the extensive lists of so-called unkept promises not included in the 2017 U.S. House version of a repeal and replacement of Obamacare. This bill is very far from final.

President Trump's support is largely due to getting started on the legislative process given the diverse requirements of House Republicans and the total lack of participation in the process by Democrats. The final law that passes the rigors of the U.S. Senate and a conference committee will be much different. (See also a seventh-grade civics book.)

Speaking of promises, take a look at Obamacare. "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor," and "If you like your healthcare plan you can keep your healthcare plan.” Those quotes from Obama were recognized even by his sycophant media as the biggest lie of the decade—maximum Pinocchio's.
To the several writers who apparently wish for a Democrat-supported, single-payer health care plan provided by the government, this would not work. For those who want total government control of your life, may I recommend a move to Cuba or Greece?

It is true President Trump has made some mistakes in his first few months in office. He was not a professional politician (thankfully) but a very successful businessman. This in contrast to his predecessor who was a wildly successful community organizer.

And where was the righteous indignation at Hillary Clinton? She sent and received highly classified information from her un-secure computer server in the basement of her home. A competent head of the FBI and attorney general would have put Hillary in prison.

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How many low-level citizens with no political connections and vast wealth have gone to jail for less? There has been no evidence of wrongdoing by the Trump campaign.

One letter stated President Trump has "trashed the hope of any allies trusting us.” This is 100 percent false. He has repaired the critical relationships with the U.K. and Israel that Obama purposely and naively trashed.

Trump has received overwhelming high marks for his recent visit to Saudi Arabia, Israel and the West Bank. (OK, he placed a tariff on Canada's unfairly subsidized dairy products imported into the U.S. but he sure leveled the playing field for our northern state dairy farmers.)

President Trump has made enormous positive strides for American jobs and our economy in his first months. His positive agenda includes lowering taxes and removing roadblock regulations to job creation from the Obama administration. Why the left ignores or scorns these positive actions is a mystery.

President Trump believes in American exceptionalism. Why not jump on board?

Chuck McConnell
Steamboat Springs