Brian Kotowski: Letter writer’s diagnosis of Manchester bomber ‘delusional’ |

Brian Kotowski: Letter writer’s diagnosis of Manchester bomber ‘delusional’

In his May 29 letter to the editor, "We are the losers,” Paul Wellman diagnoses the Manchester bomber and derides as "delusional" published alternatives to his own conclusions.
I submit that Mr. Wellman’s indictment of Western "terrorism" as the root cause of the Manchester atrocity in particular, and current tensions with the Middle East in general, is at least as delusional and exhibits a troubling ignorance of history, which, to paraphrase the age-old admonition, we are condemned to repeat lest we learn not to.
When Charles Martel fought off a Muslim invasion at the Battle of Tours in 732, it wasn’t because of Western terrorism.
When Constantinople had its name changed to Istanbul in 1453, it was not the result of a friendly chat, nor the byproduct of Western terrorism.
When the Venetians were obliged to confront an invading Muslim fleet at Lepanto in 1532, it was not because of Western terrorism. When the Austrians and Germans had to defend against a siege in 1683, they discovered that the Ottomans were not lashing out against Western terrorism.
When Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were ordered to London in to 1786 determine why our maritime civilians were being murdered and enslaved in the Mediterranean, they learned that Western terrorism was not the catalyst.
Jefferson and Adams were received by the envoy to Tripoli, Sidi Haji Abdrahaman. He explained very matter-of-factly (as reported by Jefferson to Secretary of Foreign Affairs John Jay) "…that all nations which had not acknowledged the Prophet were sinners, whom it was the right and duty of the faithful to plunder and enslave; and that every mussulman who was slain in this warfare was sure to go to paradise."
Indistinguishable from the rhetoric of present-day ISIS, and it is remarkable how the apologists for what is now called “Islamic extremism” are so determined to turn a blind eye to the connection.
Every president of my lifetime — Republican and Democrat – has taken pains to identify the "moderate" Muslim nations. Saudi Arabia has always been on that list. In moderate Saudi Arabia, distributing Bibles will land you in one of their moderate prisons. Rejecting the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad will earn you a public beheading in Riyadh. Moderate, indeed.
There is no Christian analogue to Sharia law of the sort practiced by the moderate House of Saud. Nor a Western parallel to last year’s United Nations Resolution 16/18 — the latest in a long line of regularly voted on anti-blasphemy resolutions calling upon the entire world to criminalize any and all criticism of Islam. Its signatories include every Muslim nation on earth, including those whom our elites assure us are "moderate."
Islam is not just a religion. Alone among the major faiths, it is a political movement. Its followers have been trying to impose the same theocratic nightmare for more than a millennium — far longer than the Western shenanigans Mr. Wellman is so angry about.
Brian Kotowski
Steamboat Springs