Bill Taylor: Green New Deal would have caused economic pain for little gain |

Bill Taylor: Green New Deal would have caused economic pain for little gain

The Green New Deal was rejected by the U.S. Senate 57-0. Its chief sponsor, Senator Ed Markey, voted against it.

This over-reaction to global warming would have caused more pain than gain. Global warming is happening but how much is caused by man and how much is the natural cycle of the Earth warming and cooling is undetermined. Who are we to decide that today’s temperature is now the perfect temperature and that we should sacrifice to maintain it?

All talk seems to be on the harm done by global warming but no mention of the benefits that must also be there. Crops are now being grown further north in Canada, for example. Cold-related deaths will decline at a faster rate than heat-related deaths will rise.

If the U.S. did not exist, the world temperatures would still rise. There are still one billion people living without electricity in the world. The most economical way to get them electricity is still with fossil fuels … primarily coal. Wind and solar still cost far more to produce.

Western industrial nations have reduced some of their carbon emission by outsourcing as much as 25% of their emissions to Asia, where labor is cheap and environmental regulations are less. No net decrease in emissions are happening, but the western nations can feel better about themselves.

It would be better to produce the electricity in western nations with coal plants that have reduced emissions than in some of these third world countries that have fewer emission controls.

Globally, coal-fueled generating capacity is growing. It is currently at 2,000 gigawatts. Some 300 gigawatts of new coal-fueled generation is under construction in Asia alone — this is more than the entire U.S. coal fleet. Japan is building 12 new coal-fired power plants.

So, we can limit our emissions all we want and pat ourselves on the back, but it won’t make any difference.

Some nations, states and provinces have reversed carbon taxes that were instituted, deciding they were too expensive for the benefit accomplished. Australia repealed a carbon tax two years after it was imposed. Tuesday, Alberta voted in a new premier who promised to repeal their carbon tax.

Bill Taylor

Steamboat Springs

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