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Zest: Moon Hill Dairy cows free to roam the pastures

Moon Hill Dairy (courtesy photo)

Artisan cheese, crafted by hand, Steamboat’s only cheese.

Located on 300 acres at the base of Sleeping Giant 
just north of Steamboat Springs, Moon Hill Dairy is your source for dairy products the way they’re meant to be: fresh and free of any artificial ingredients.

Our milk comes only from happy cows that live on pasture and eat a grass-based diet, which is the basis of all our products. Our cows graze outdoors year-round on pastures full of native Alpine grasses, clovers and legumes. This combination of forage, combined with mineral-laden irrigation water and cold nights, produces a world-class, nutrient-rich grass, high in Omega 3 fatty acids. And it grows fast, concentrating the goodness. There’s no need for our cows to consume grain — our grass is all they need for health and vitality.

We also emphasize Regenerative Agriculture and low-stress management of our animals. Our girls are free to roam the pastures and enjoy their “cow-ness.”

We are one of only a few Colorado cheese producers and an even smaller group of farmstead operations. Taste the difference our grass makes!

MoonHillDairy.com, 970-846-8077

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