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Yule Log Clue No. 5

Yule Log Clue No. 5 of 10

In New York and here in town.

Glacial forces moved that down?

Gather supplies, head out the door.

Look out now, there's More in store.

Yule Log Clue No. 4 of 10

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A visionary man set his gaze.

Raise your glass to champagne daze.

Seasons change, so savor the gold.

This is the year, watch history unfold.

Yule Log Clue No. 3 of 10

Follow the treasure that some still seek.

Crystal clear water flows down from the peaks.

Pioneer and chain founder share the name.

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Yule Log Clue No. 2 of 10

Dec. 11, 2012

First before Union they did learn.

Blechas came early, before the big turn.

Step on the gas, or stop to dine.

Find the log, this is the time.

Yule Log Clue No. 1

Dec. 10, 2012

Sink or swim, this was the place.

Fish for clues near the seniors' space.

Under the trees the log did wait.

Begin the hunt, take the bait.

The Tread of Pioneers Museum provides the clues on weekdays. Check back as more clues become available each day.

At a glance

■ The 3-foot-long, 50-pound log is hidden somewhere in Steamboat Springs and marked “Yule Log” in red writing.

■ Clues will lead readers from the spot of last year’s log at Casey’s Pond to this year’s hiding spot.

■ The log will be hidden within city limits and at least a portion of it will be visible from its hiding place. The log will not be on private property, inside of a building or in an area that charges a fee to enter.

■ When the log is found, alert the Tread of Pioneers Museum immediately at 970-879-2214. The log must be presented in person to claim the $150 Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association gift certificate and framed plaque.

Happy hunting!