Young entrepreneurs: Scout Reynolds, A La Aventura horse bonnets |

Young entrepreneurs: Scout Reynolds, A La Aventura horse bonnets

Routt County CEO student Mackenzie Scout Reynolds' business is ID ear bonnets for horses.
John F. Russell

A group of 15 Routt County high school students has spent the school year developing individual business plans as part of the new Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunity, or CEO, class.

The class is funded through donations and pledges from local businesses and aims to encourage high school students to consider entrepreneurial opportunities within their own hometowns, rather than moving away to find career success.

Following is a look at some of the plans students have dreamed up as part of the class. All the student business plans will be presented at a trade show from 5 to 7 p.m. May 19 at the Steamboat Springs Community Center.

Mackenzie Scout Reynolds, 17, Steamboat Springs High School

What is your business plan?

My business is called A La Aventura, which means “to the adventure” in Spanish. My product is an ear bonnet with an ID tag for horses. This ID tag will keep your horse safe if lost and give the owner a peace of mind that the horse will be returned. People will purchase the horse ear bonnet, and the horse will wear the ID ear bonnet, which displays the horse’s name, the owner’s name and contact information for the owner. Ear bonnets are generally worn at horse shows, when trail riding or for any outdoor event. Horse ear bonnets protect the horse’s ears from flies, which are distracting for the horse during horse shows, and can be annoying to the horse while trail riding. This ID label serves as information if the horse were to get lost.

Horses are unpredictable and can spook and/or throw the rider off. When a horse spooks, it usually runs away from what spooked or scared it. This can happen, especially when the horse is not familiar with its surroundings, such as trails or at horse shows. However, a horse can become spooked anywhere. This is when my ID ear bonnet comes in handy. When the horse is spooked and runs away, it will be wearing this ear bonnet. Eventually, someone will find the horse and see the ID tag on the bonnet. The ID tag will be located on the top of the bonnet facing the rider, because it will have personal information, but it will be easy to spot. The person who finds the horse will then have the information to contact the owner, so the horse can be returned.

What inspired the idea?

A personal experience inspired me to create the horse ID ear bonnet. Last summer, in North Routt, I found a lost horse wandering in the forest near the highway. I managed to catch the horse. Unfortunately, the horse was without identification. I contacted authorities and made many phone calls. The horse’s owner was located several days later. It turns out this horse was on a hunting trip and broke loose from the pack. He had traveled many miles before I found him. The owner was grateful to get the horse back, as it was a beautiful, valuable animal. If the horse had been wearing my ID tag, the owner could have been contacted right away.

How would you describe the need for this business, and why should people support it?

A La Aventura gives the owner of a horse peace of mind that, if their horse were to run away, it would be found quickly and effectively using the bonnet with the ID tag. People should support my business to show their support to the CEO family.

What has been/will be your biggest obstacle for getting this idea off the ground?

The biggest obstacle I faced starting my business was making the custom ID tags. Few companies make custom tags, especially the ones I wanted. I looked around on the internet for a long time until I found a business that would do my logo and what I wanted it to say. In the end, it all worked out, and the ID tags look professional.

I can be contacted at 970-846-5590 or

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