You weren’t imagining it — 2017 was busiest year ever at DIA |

You weren’t imagining it — 2017 was busiest year ever at DIA

Holiday travel rush through the south-end security check point at Denver International Airport December 27, 2017.
Andy Cross/The Denver Post

Denver International Airport’s popularity soared in 2017 with the airport hitting record highs.

Of the 100 busiest travel days in DIA’s 22-year history, 76 happened this year. There’s a simple reason for that, airport officials said.

“A lot more people start and end trips here because there’s a lot more people living here,” said Patrick Heck, DIA’s chief commercial officer, who oversees revenue.

DIA’s traffic is mimicking the growth of the region, which helped the state rank seventh highest for growth rates nationwide last year. But it’s not just about population growth. And it’s not really about more flights — the number of new flights grew just 1 percent or 275,000 from last year. But airlines have brought in larger planes that can haul more people.

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