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Yampa Town Board has one spot open

Susan Cunningham

The town of Yampa is looking for one more person to fill its Town Board.

The town’s election was canceled because only four people were running for six open seats on the seven-member board. Only trustee Dick Rudeen was not up for re-election this cycle.

After the election’s cancellation, resident Denis Campanali submitted a letter of interest and was appointed by the Town Board on April 7, a day after the election would have taken place.

Mayor Tom Estes will serve another term, as will trustees Bruce Pitts, Mike Ross and Paul Zywicki.

Town Clerk Janet Ray said she was thankful to have six board members but that a seventh would be better.

“I’ll be happier when it’s a full board,” Ray said. “We need all seven.”

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The Town Board requires a four-person quorum to meet and act. Until a seventh trustee is appointed, when more than two people are sick or away, the town’s business will have to be postponed.

Ross is a more recent addition to the board as he was appointed in September to fill a trustee spot that had been open for almost a year.

Although the workload has been more than what he expected, the position has been rewarding, he said.

As the town faces issues such as securing water rights and considering zoning regulations, the Town Board has an important role, Ross said.

Knowing just how important some of the board’s decisions would be was one factor in Ross’ decision to seek another term this April, he said.

When he learned that very few other residents were running, he said to himself, “I feel like I have to step up to the plate here,” Ross said. “This is my town, and we have our own government here, and I feel like I have to do my part.”

Ross encouraged other residents to consider the final open trustee position. Those who cannot take on the extra responsibility should consider attending Town Board meetings and learning what’s going on in the town, he said.

“It seems like people, in general, take the back seat as far as being involved in their town,” Ross said. “I think it’s important for them to know exactly what we’re discussing. We act on behalf of the town, but we’re just a very small number of people.”

Anyone interested in the open trustee position should submit a letter to Town Hall stating why he or she is interested. To qualify for office, a person must be at least 18 years old, have resided in Yampa for at least a year, and be a registered voter. For more information, call Janet Ray at 638-4511.