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William E. Cully, Jr.: Voice your concern

Messrs. Spezia and Copeland both had it right. They spoke up and care deeply about their convictions. We can do that in America despite those who would try to silence us.

I am not happy with the current White House occupant but “We the People” can make a difference. Don’t you just love when someone assumes they know “what’s best for us” without asking?

The obstructionist Congress (Republicans and Democrats) has kicked the can down the road for 22 years beginning with the “Newt Gingrich — Republican Revolution,” despite the greatest economic expansion in our history, the “Tech Wreck”, 9/11 and VP Cheney and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld’s “WMD Fantasy,” which sent many Americans to an early grave; lifetimes of flashbacks and broken families. Not to mention the destabilization of an entire region of the world and countless deaths and suffering that continue today.

Who really founded ISIS? And I almost forgot the Great Recession and government shutdown — “sequestration.” We should care. Right ?

The Democrats in Congress are hardly absolved as enablers of gridlock; so what we need to do as the responsible American electorate is to hold our representatives’ feet to the fire. They will respond to our inquiries when they come en masse.

Our reps are running for cover under partisan guise, and their switchboards are blowing up with calls and emails. “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” — Sir Isaac Newton.

Voice your concern. That is exactly what we need to affect change and coerce progress. Call or email Congressman Tipton, call Senators Bennett and Gardner. Be vigilant and question their every move, vote and motive. Be a pest.

Ask about education, ask about affordable daycare, ask about affordable housing, ask about global warming and climate change, ask about water quality, ask about carbon emissions, ask about the mining industry in Northwest Colorado, ask about health care, ask about individuals with disabilities, ask about Planned Parenthood, ask about human rights and poverty, ask about opioid abuse and addiction, ask about immigration, ask about the rights of Native Americans, ask about voter fraud, ask about our public lands, ask about our crumbling infrastructure.

Find out who finances our representatives and what lobbyists they have cozied up to. Ask who writes their bills for pending legislation. Hammer them on issues important to you and your families and demand answers.

Politicians will tout their party lines to advance and perpetuate their positions unless we question their every move. Demand accountability. It’s our right and duty, and it is our pocketbook paying their salaries and paving their way to a higher standing.

Our representatives, to be deserving of our votes, need to work together. Change begins in the home and with your neighbors. “All politics is local.” — Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill. If we don’t speak up and don’t vote, we can’t complain.

All Republicans are not happy with Trump, but he is theirs to keep and ours to endure. Act and react locally in Colorado and maybe we get some results and see the swamp recede? Don’t forget State Rep. Diane Bush and Sen. Randy Baumgardner; county commissioners Doug Monger, Tim Corrigan and Cari Hermacinski and our own City Council. They will listen.

Start locally and change the world we live in for the better.

William E. Cully, Jr.

Steamboat Springs

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