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William Cully: Where has our country gone?

Where has our country gone? These detention facilities on our borders and the separation of children from their parents under the “Trumpian guise” of “border security” is the most abhorrent and un-American U.S. government undertaking I have witnessed in my lifetime.

We have perpetrated and fought unjust wars away from our shores under the premise of stopping the spread of Communism in Southeast Asia and in the name of global and national security most recently in the Middle East in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now we mimic the racist and fascist attributes of a long-gone Third Reich, which tried to kill every last Jew in Europe and Aryanize the world. We now imitate the very unjust and misguided Japanese internment camps here in the U.S. during World War II in the name of border security, Trump-style.

We all came from somewhere else, people. Unless we are Native Americans — and look what we did to our American Indian brothers and sisters — we all came from elsewhere. And I, for one, know that some of my Irish American ancestors, related and friends were not legal during the early 20th century but most contributed as productive members of society and dispersed throughout this great land of ours, marrying and having children just like all other American families have.

The melting pot/multicultural effect we incubated here in the United States of America has to be a big reason for our successes and for the admiration of the U.S. by the rest of the world — until now.

We are not building a wall and Mexico is not paying for a wall. We are a society of inclusion, compassion and generosity — black, white, gay, straight, transgender, Latino, Asian, woman, man and immigrant. We cannot “go it alone” in a global society. We will lose here at home and globally.

There has to be a better way. There is, and it is spelled … V-O-T-E. The only way to change what we do not like is the bump stock-assault weapon style power of the ballot box.

William E. Cully, Jr.

Steamboat Springs

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