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Wild women

Female artists featured this month at Wild Horse Gallery

Margaret Hair

— Georgian Kalow has had stained glass works on display at Wild Horse Gallery for about four years, and has been working in that medium for closer to 15 years.

“I’ve always loved stained glass – it’s just alive, it looks very alive at different times,” Kalow said.

Tonight, she’ll be a featured artist for the first time as one of the “Women of the Wild Horse,” which showcases the work of Wild Horse Gallery’s 11 female artists. The exhibit opens with a reception from 5 to 8 p.m.

Kalow works in human resources for the county and taught Colorado Mountain College students to make stained glass for 14 years. She said each of the dozen or so lamps featured in the gallery show are one-of-a-kind.

She handpicks Brazilian agates – thin slivers of naturally colored rock – to place in each flat panel, then works with metal and glass to create a design around the sliver. For a six-panel lamp, that means finding six pieces of rock and creating a sturdy light fixture from there.

“You have to make six patterns to go into it – so not only do you have to be an artist to figure out the design, you have to be a craftsman as well because you might want it to last a lifetime,” Kalow said.

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Jeweler Cate Potyen, also from Steamboat Springs, will join Kalow for the show, along with oil painters, clothiers and sculptors from Texas, Wyoming, California and Colorado.

Potyen, who makes beaded jewelry from gemstones and precious metals, said the chance to be featured in an all-female show is special to her.

“I do it as an adjunct to my psychotherapy practice, because I believe that we adorn what we value,” Potyen said.

“I appreciate and value the lives of women, so I make adornments for them to wear,” she said. In about 30 years of making jewelry, Potyen said, she has tried to focus on pieces that are ornate, sparkly and fun to wear.

Gallery owner Shirley Stocks said featuring the work of Wild Horse’s female artists reflects variety in the gallery as a whole.

“We’ve never done an all-women’s show, and we have a few more women artists than we used to carry, so we thought it would be a good variety,” Stocks said.