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When boys want to be girls

Autumn Phillips

The movie came out in 1997, but I still haven’t forgotten the main character in “Ma Vie en Rose” (My Life In Pink).

This film is a classic in foreign cinema and tells the story of Ludovic, a boy who walks into a party dressed as a girl. As his parents try to be understanding, the neighbors begin to whisper.

To make matters more complicated, it turns out not to be a one-day phase. Ludovic’s greatest wish and constant prayer is to become a girl so he can marry his friend, Jerome.

With the ignorance of a child, he has no idea how many societal taboos he is breaking and the huge ripples he is sending through his suburban world.

“Ma Vie en Rose” is the best-known title by Belgian director Alain Berliner. In an interview on the movie’s Web site, Berliner said, “The movies often treat sexual identity as comedy material. With ‘Ma Vie en Rose,’ I wanted the child’s innocence, and his amazing certainty make his questions touch our hearts and allow us to understand them. There is a lot to laugh about in the film, but there is also a good dose of drama.”

Although the surface story is about Ludovic’s gender identity crisis, the story is also about how parents cope with children who are a social embarrassment.

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“Children are like so many mirrors,” Berliner said. “When one of them reflects a distorting picture, you do your utmost to throw it out.”

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