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What’s really important when biking in winter?

The bicycle that Orange Peel Bicycle Service owner Brock Webster depends on to get him to work in downtown Steamboat isn't fancy, it's a tool, according to its owner.

"It's the only mountain bike I'll never get rid of," Webster said.

The frame of this modified mountain bike is from the early 1990s, and it rides on studded tires that have their own set of dedicated wheels for quick changeovers.

Webster swears by studded tires and suggests that people who don't use them haven't tried them.

"It's like having a Subaru Outback and putting Blizzaks on it and all of a sudden you go, 'Oh, yeah,'" Webster said.

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He also strongly recommends a helmet mounted headlamp in addition to the must-have front and rear reflectors. With a helmet mounted headlamp, Webster said, a cyclist can always turn his or head and see what they're looking at.

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