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Water main damages homes in Steamboat II

Monday incident affects at least 6 houses in development west of city

Blythe Terrell

Editor’s note: This story has been updated with information saying the water is safe to drink.

A water main broke Monday night in Steamboat II, sending a "wall of water" cascading toward several homes.

The incident occurred after 9:30 p.m. Monday, said Jon Sanders, principal of Steamboat Flood Suckers. He said at least six homes were affected in the neighborhood along U.S. Highway 40 west of Steamboat Springs.

Doug Baker, manager of the Steamboat II Metropolitan District, was out of town and couldn't be reached for comment Wednesday. Sanders said the flooding resulted from a stress break on an underground water main.

Norbert Samlowski lives on Sunrise Lane in Steamboat II and said his house was hit hard.

"Water channeled down from that water main," he said. "A massive amount of water came down, and it all tried to go through my house."

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Sanders said at least three houses were extremely affected, and at least two houses had water in their garages from the break. At another house, the homeowner hasn't been home, so the extent of damage is unknown.

Resident Rodney Green, who lives on Steamboat Drive, said his garage was flooded and the water was "running like crazy" in the neighborhood.

Samlowski said his family has lived in the Sunrise Lane home since 1990. The water arrived at his doorstep suddenly Monday night, he said.

"It hit within 15 minutes of us noticing that there was no water pressure," Samlowski said. "My daughter went to brush her teeth, and 15 minutes later our neighbors came down and told us there was a wall of water coming our way. It happened rather quickly."

Officials with the Steamboat II Metropolitan District said this afternoon that the water in the subdivision is safe to drink.