Vision 2030 Spotlight: John Kerst |

Vision 2030 Spotlight: John Kerst

— Vision 2030 is a collaborative citizens effort to define the future of the Yampa Valley. Vision 2030 intends to gather the wisdom of valley residents to update the 1994 Vision 2020 Report of Recommendations and create a community vision that will define the “heart and soul” of the Yampa Valley and develop specific, doable, measurable strategies for ensuring that the “heart and soul” are successfully stewarded from one generation to the next.

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John Kerst

Residence: Steamboat Springs

Number of years in the valley: 19

Occupation: Banking, community service

Q: If you returned in 20 years, what would you hope to see or feel?

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A: I would like to see the kind of people that have made this community what it is today continuing to work as one community.

Q: What top three aspects of your community today, do you brag about?

A: 1) The people – even though the people of the valley have a wide divergence of opinions, they always have a willingness to sit down, work through differences and think of the community first. 2) The beauty of the valley – the Lord only made a few places like this, and I consider it a privilege and a blessing to live here. If I have to live someplace, this is the best place I can think of. 3) The people – Steamboat is blessed to have a community with a wide variety of backgrounds: ranching, mining, tourism and service individuals and professionals, who again work for the good of the community.

Q: Describe the elements of your community’s heart and soul that are most important to you?

A: The people are the heart and soul of the community. The people work together to provide educational opportunities for young people, the best healthcare you can find for individuals of all ages, and support for the many cultural activities that go on in the valley. Again, we have a very diverse community of individuals who always take time to express their opinion, yet work together to accomplish what is best for the community.

Q: What one thing would you do to preserve your community’s heart and soul?

A: The people “boot strap” to make happen what needs to be done to make this a wonderful place to be. Keep the people we have and allow them the opportunity to continue to do what has been done in the past. As some people leave the valley, try to make sure that those coming to make this their home realize how important being involved in the community is to keeping this a wonderful place to live, work and play.