Vision 2030 Spotlight: Donna Hellyer |

Vision 2030 Spotlight: Donna Hellyer

— Donna Hellyer

Residence: Hayden

Number of years in the valley: Off and on for 53 years

Occupation: Part-time Chamber employee at Yampa Valley Regional Airport in the winter; Hayden Heritage Museum in the summer; volunteer

Q: If you returned in 20 years, what would you hope to see or feel?

A: Commuter train; friendly recognition in stores, banks and on streets and sidewalks; community participation

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Q: What top three aspects of your community today, do you brag about?

A: Historic background still visible; trees throughout town and U.S. Highway 40; Hayden is full of real people

Q: Describe the elements of your community’s heart and soul that are most important to you.

A:: Real people doing real work and projects with a sense of integrity.

Q: What one thing would you do to preserve your community’s heart and soul?

A: No big box stores, trees and landscaping