Verne Lundquist: C & D must pass |

Verne Lundquist: C & D must pass

My wife, Nancy, and I have lived in Routt County for more than 20 years. We have always been supportive of the various nonprofits that support the residents of our favorite valley.

Due to my close relationship with our United Way, I am very familiar with the struggle that our health and human services agencies have had for many years. I have watched as state and federal dollars continue to be cut each year. It has come to the point where these organizations are struggling to keep their doors open.

The state government and the citizens of this state have the responsibility to care for their neighbors. Yet, year after year, it’s the same story of further cuts and failing to support the organizations that see to the basic life needs of the people who live and work in Colorado.

Referendums C and D must be passed in November. This can ensure that the health and welfare of those in need, from innocent infants to the frail and elderly, will be given the attention they deserve.

My fellow Coloradans, please understand the need to pass this nonpartisan plan developed by the very people whose job it is to provide for the well-being of Colorado citizens.

Verne Lundquist

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