Van Fletcher: Don’t hide |

Van Fletcher: Don’t hide

On Oct. 19, a somewhat large ad was placed in the Steamboat Pilot. The ad implied that Bud Romberg’s past actions were incorrect. Of course, that was a personal opinion. The ad was paid for by the “Citizens for a Better City Council.” I had never heard of this committee. I wanted to see who the members of this committee were. The city personnel showed me the registration.

I discovered (from filed CRS I-45-108 forms) the Citizens for a Better Council has one member: Loretta Van Norstrand. As of Oct. 11, there were no other members, and she had no contributions or expenditures (she now has expenditures to declare for ads). I suggest that if someone wants to participate in a debate regarding candidates for office, that they do so as a private citizen and not try to hide behind a “committee” or “citizens’ group.” Why hide behind a committee name if you represent only yourself. It’s deceiving!


Van Fletcher