Vail summer marketing broadens its reach |

Vail summer marketing broadens its reach

Scott N. Miller/Vail Daily

For about as long as anyone can remember, Beth Slifer has been involved in trying to market Vail's summer charms, but this year's effort is different than any she's seen before.

"This is the most coordinated effort we've had," said Slifer, currently the president of the Vail Local Marketing District Advisory Council, which administers a roughly $2.5 million summer marketing budget for the town of Vail.

The town's investment has paid off in recent years with record sales tax collections, Still, winter makes up roughly 70 percent of the town's sales tax revenue.

Steamboat Springs' summer marketing budget is $625,000 from the city's general fund with $25,000 of that specifically designated for trade shows, according to Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association Marketing Director Kara Givnish.

Vail's marketing is, as usual, using both print and television advertising, much of it in the Denver area, to sell Vail to the state's biggest population center.