Vail snowboarder dies after jumping backcountry cliff |

Vail snowboarder dies after jumping backcountry cliff

John LaConte
Vail Daily

MINTURN — Well-known Vail snowboarder Bindu Pomeroy, nicknamed “The Mayor of East Vail,” died Tuesday after hitting a cliff in a popular out-of-bounds area.

Pomeroy, 44, landed head first in deep snow, according to skier John Spriggs, who was the first to reach him.

“Our group estimates it was about 7 minutes before we were able to reach him. We performed CPR for the next hour, but were unable to revive him,” Spriggs said.

“Bindu had an infectious energy that kept everyone around him excited to be on the mountain and especially in the backcountry. Of all the people I know who ride East Vail, he had probably the most experience in that area,” Spriggs said. “He also knew the risks.”

Several other Vail locals have died in the same out-of-bounds area, including the grandson of Vail’s founder.

“I hope the sad circumstances surrounding his death can be a reminder to others of how quickly a situation can turn tragic in the backcountry. But I also hope his loved ones can take comfort in the fact that he died doing what he loved most and had been incredibly happy in the moments leading up to his death.”

Community mourns Bindu Sky Pomeroy, “The Mayor of East Vail”


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