Vail Kozatch: 10 essential health care benefits |

Vail Kozatch: 10 essential health care benefits

Congratulations and thanks to John McCain, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins for showing the wisdom and courage to vote “no” on the most recent inhumane health care bill.

In order to provide decent coverage any future revision of a healthcare plan must contain 10 essential categories of benefits.

1) Emergency services — trips to the emergency room

2) In=patient hospitalization

3) Maternity and newborn care

4) Mental health services and addiction treatment

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5) Prescription drugs

6) Preventative care services

7) Rehabilitate services

8) Pediatric services

9) Ambulatory patient services — care received without being admitted to hospital, like visits to doctor’s office, same-day surgery, home health and hospice services

10) Laboratory services

We must demand from our representatives that these benefits be mandatory in any future healthcare legislation. We don’t need any more “junk insurance” plans.

Vail Kozatch