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Under one roof

EDP, MCTA and Chamber to examine moving in together

Collin Smith

— It’s about efficiency and accomplishing specific goals within a larger mission, said Christina Currie, Craig Chamber of Commerce executive director.

Last year, Moffat County Tourism Association, Craig/Moffat Economic Development Partnership and Chamber officials independently designed mission statements. A possible change of venue for two of the organizations could help each with its overall charge: making Craig and Moffat County a destination for tourists, businesses and prosperity.

It’s been discussed informally, but representatives from the three groups seem prepared to start official talks about coming together under the roof of the Moffat County Visitor Center.

Talks would take place during the next few months to see whether there’s interest in the move, and whether the changes would be logistically viable.

The plan came out of a suggestion from joint committee on Visitor Center funding. Members agreed the groups should keep coming together for discussions, and this might be a way they could all benefit.

All parties stand to gain in the arrangement, Currie said.

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“It’ll help us maximize our impact and avoid duplication,” she said. “The ability to be in the same office so everyone is really aware of what people are working on and know about ways they could work together will be really beneficial, I think.”

Logistically, the move also would make each organization’s day-to-day activities easier, the Chamber director added.

“Their primary benefit would be in staffing,” Currie said. “The people that run the other two organizations, they’re in meetings a lot, they’re traveling. It can be hard to get a hold of them.

“We would be able to provide reception for them for 40 hours a week. We can help filter calls, too. If you’re calling because you want to know the sales tax in Craig or you want to know a good hotel to stay at, we already have staff in place for that.”

Currie was positive the biggest benefactor would be the community at large.

A “one-stop-shop” for business and community information would help tourists navigate the burgeoning range of activities and find information on opportunities to move to Moffat County, she said.

Residents likewise would be able to do the same things and find their own business opportunities through the Chamber and EDP.

“I think ideally it’s a better service to the community and better service to visitors,” Currie said. “The Chamber likely will not benefit directly, but the community and visitors will, and that’s important to us.”

MCTA board member Cindy Looper agreed the community would benefit if they knew there was one place for answers.

Moving in together would help the organizations work together and avoid public misconceptions that they step on one another’s toes.

Looper said she could not speak for other MCTA board members, but thought MCTA could use some temporary office space now, if indeed the organizations elected to pursue a common business space.

Her one hesitancy concerns each organization retaining its autonomy.

“I don’t think anyone has any problems combining into a building,” Looper said. “I think we just want to make sure they’re three separate entities.”

Talks have not started, and the Chamber has not prepared any information on remodel or addition plans for extra office space, Currie said. At the least, new offices would be needed for MCTA and EDP officials, she said.

Other possible projects include moving the Marcia Car to the Visitor Center site and expanding the Chamber’s conference room.