Two titles will keep readers on the edge of their seat |

Two titles will keep readers on the edge of their seat

“The Chemist”

by Stephenie Meyer

Dr. Juliana Fortis  was  a highly trained tool in the arsenal of U.S. Intelligence, crafting chemical compounds designed to make even the most hardened prisoners break under interrogation. That is, until she and her mentor overheard something highly confidential — something people would kill to protect. Now she’s on the run, using her expertise in deadly compounds to evade the multiple assassination attempts that the government keeps sending her way.

She’s incredibly thorough and calculated, but her old boss manages to slip her a message with an offer — and a task —  she can’t refuse. Taking his offer means placing her life within the reach of her enemies and ends up putting her on a collision course with two people she would never have expected to work with.

Yes, there is a somewhat cheesy romantic twist, but I loved this book anyways and spent several nights reading it into the wee hours.

“The Martian”

by Andy Weir

For someone who almost never reads sci-fi, I was surprised at how quickly and completely. “The Martian” grabbed my imagination. Mark Watney is a member of an elite team of astronauts who have been sent to Mars to collect scientific data. In a serious bout of misfortune, he and his team are caught in a surprise dust storm. An emergency evacuation takes place, and in the chaos, Watney is presumed dead and left behind on the Red Planet.

Of course, he’s not actually dead, and thus ensues a world-wide race against both time and logistics to find a way to bring the astronaut back home safely. Equipment breaks, communications are scrambled, food, water and oxygen need to be carefully calculated, dust storms threaten to throw everything off, and Watney must find a way to survive it all.

Though the book is full of lots of technical jargon, Weir manages to bring in great humor and keep you humming with adrenaline. I really did not know until the final page whether Watney was going to make it off Mars alive or not.

Both of these titles are available at Off the Beaten Path and Bud Werner Memorial Library.

Megan Mertens is a bookseller and barista at Off the Beaten Path bookstore.

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