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Turkey Trot draws record crowd in Steamboat on Thanksgiving

— Pushing, pedaling, pulling, rolling and — oh yeah — running, a record number of participants took part Thursday morning in a little pre-turkey workout. Nearly 260 people participated in the fourth annual Turkey Trot in Steamboat Springs, swarming the roads in Strawberry Park and accomplishing the 4.6-mile goal in about every manner possible.

The trot has been an event for all-comers since its inception, and that never was more true than this year. It's an effort to include the whole family, race Director Lisa Barbour said, and on Thursday, it worked.

Most people ran. Ed Cleary ran the fastest, ticking off the out-and-back course, which ran from Steamboat Springs High School into Strawberry Park and back, in 26 minutes and 11 seconds. Hannah Williams was the fastest among the women, finishing in 30:52.

Plenty jogged the course, and many simply walked, soaking in a cloudy but not cold morning on the brink of winter.

"It was awesome," Barbour said. "It's exciting, and it's fun to see everyone come out. I like it because the whole family can come. Someone pushes the baby. Someone runs with the dog. Someone rides a bike."

Racers did all of that Thursday. Some young children rode their bikes. Seemingly everyone who had a dog brought it, with many alternating between being pulled and doing the pulling. And there were dozens of jogging strollers threaded into the procession.

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"It was a great time," said Jason Lacy, who raced with his wife, Dervla, their 20-month-old son, Declan, and Molly, an 11-year-old dog whose short legs struggled to keep the pace at times.

"Declan was ready for the race to be over, but he had a good time," Jason said.

"I used to do turkey trots, and we were looking for a new tradition for our family," Dervla said. "This was a lot of fun."

For the first time this year, skateboarders were welcomed into the Turkey Trot fold, and of course there were a few of those. But it wasn't always easy, the racers reported.

"With all those hills, it was hard," Steven Brown, 13, said. "You just needed to persevere."

He pushed and pushed and pushed with his legs, but both he and fellow skateboarder Stetzon Brown, 15, admitted to taking a few breaks and even picking up the board for a rough section.

"That first hill was the hardest," Stetzon said.

None of those hurdles curbed the day's enthusiasm, however. Walking, jogging, boarding and riding, the day's racers declared the race a hit.

Turkey Trot results


Strawberry Park

19 and younger


Name, Time

Ed Cleary, 0:26:11

Asher Rohde, 0:28:26

Micheal Ward, 0:30:30

Will Dixon, 0:31:55

Tyler Terranova, 0:32:36

Penn Lukens, 0:34:19

Ben Lingle, 0:34:50

Wyatt Mortenson, 0:37:00

Aiden Rohde, 0:40:40

Dylan Wallace, 0:43:31

Andrew Mitchel, 0:44:08

Noah Mortensen, 0:47:18

Kyle Bergo, 0:47:44


Name, Time

Cassady Daley, 0:34:10

Maggi Congon, 0:36:49

Jane Ouillette, 0:45:22

Melissa Request, 0:46:15

Jessie Wallace, 0:47:52

20 to 29


Name, Time

Nathan Allen, 0:26:32

Spencer Knickerbocker, 0:29:16

Eddie Rogers, 0:30:31

Alan Kenyon, 0:37:41

John Weaver, 0:37:43

John Collins, 0:39:10

Jay Petteir, 0:40:49

Gabe Richter, 0:45:06

Chuckie Freeman, 0:47:18

Steve Anderson, 0:29:36


Name, Time

Hannah Williams, 0:30:52

Erin Boettcher, 0:42:34

Jen Dayes, 0:43:14

Lindsey Haywood, 0:45:06

Erin Walter, 0:47:03

Kristi Bernitt, 0:47:10

Courtney Reggo, 0:47:10

30 to 39


Name, Time

Daniel Gooding, 0:27:22

Harry Niedle, 0:28:59

TJ Thrasher, 0:33:18

David Watke, 0:33:23

Jim Chomas, 0:34:00

Tom Krabacher, 0:35:07

Joshua Schaeffer, 0:35:13

Aaron Kocian, 0:35:55

Adam Berg, 0:36:00

Dan Hamicton, 0:38:04

Becky Heath, 0:38:47

Brian Fussel, 0:38:49

Matt Roberts, 0:40:00

Michael Campian, 0:40:26

Michael Thompson, 0:43:52

Brent Boyer, 0:46:31

Ryan Lewis, 0:46:36


Name, Time

Michelle Lines, 0:31:00

Shannon Forbes, 0:33:18

Summer Laws, 0:35:37

Tasha Thrasher, 0:37:50

Roberta Smith, 0:38:11

Jamie Chomas, 0:38:15

Andrea Campian, 0:40:26

Erin Allard, 0:40:49

Molly Cuffe, 0:40:52

Kathy Wichelhaus, 0:43:22

Jamie Krezelok, 0:44:16

Rebecca Mallatt, 0:45:06

Elisa Meynes, 0:45:22

Ashley Green, 0:45:55

Danica Moss, 0:46:29

Megan Boyer, 0:46:31

Krista Meyer, 0:46:41

Kim Boyce, 0:47:57

40 to 49


Name, Time

Dru Jacobs, 0:33:59

Paul Majors, 0:35:19

Dave Terranova, 0:35:35

Tim Boettcher, 0:39:22

Edward Cleary, 0:41:04

David Rooke, 0:44:11

Todd Shaklee, 0:45:20

Tony Request, 0:46:15

Shane Bergo, 0:47:44


Name, Time

Justine Cleary, 0:35:37

Marciatta Roberts, 0:41:32

Galen Selzler, 0:42:41

Stephanie Taubuner, 0:45:06

Cara Marrs, 0:45:22

Diane Walsh, 0:46:02

Bonnie Girton, 0:46:02

Janet Hruby, 0:46:41

Shannon Manley, 0:46:52

Shannon Winegardner, 0:47:57

50 to 59


Name, Time

Dennis Collins, 0:34:55

Craig Ward, 0:37:49

David Wallace, 0:43:34

Walter Chris, 0:47:03


Name, Time

Karen Anderson, 0:31:55

Betsy Frick, 0:37:55

Karen Monsen, 0:38:21

Joanne Warzoha, 0:38:21

60 to 69


Name, Time

Tom Nelson, 0:36:34

Rosco Bertunada, 0:39:17

John Thrasher 0:44:30

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