Town urged to get details |

Town urged to get details

County suggests Oak Creek see Sierra View plans

Susan Cunningham

Routt County commissioners are encouraging Oak Creek officials to get final designs for the proposed Sierra View subdivision before approving and annexing it.

At a Tuesday work session, commissioners decided to send the Oak Creek Town Board a letter recommending that it require the developer to provide final designs for the Town Board to review.

“I keep wondering when is all of this going to happen,” Routt County Commissioner Nancy Stahoviak said. “We would en courage that all of that information come to the town before they consider approving a final plat.”

The letter also will recommend the town consider limiting the number of units allowed in the subdivision, asking the developers to help fund additional sewer and road improvements, and studying traffic impacts, among other suggestions.

The letter will be sent to the town before a planned Thursday work session on the development. Originally, the town planned to consider approving the subdivision and annexation Thursday, but that has been delayed until June upon the request of the developers, Oak Creek Town Clerk Nancy Crawford said.

The county has a statutory responsibility to review and comment on impacts of the annexation, but Oak Creek has the final decision. The Sierra View development proposes 70 units on 51 lots on a meadow adjacent to town.

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In a letter from the county last August, commissioners said the development group’s initial impact analysis was incomplete and unclear.

Some of the concerns have since been addressed, commissioners said Tuesday.

The impact analysis is “sparse,” commissioners and county planners said, but state law requires developers address certain items and gives no format for the analysis, county planner John Eastman said.

Developers should help pay for costs of sewer-line upgrades on Moffat Avenue, even if the town has applied for a grant to pay for it, Stahoviak said.

Moffat Avenue, which has a grade of about 14 percent, instead of the 7 percent grade typically permitted, also was a concern to commissioners.

With construction and more residential traffic on the dirt road, “you’re going to put potentially a lot more pressure on these streets that already were in a situation that they needed some help,” Routt County Commissioner Dan Ellison said.

Stahoviak said she was concerned that some Town Board members could “brush some … issues aside” in an effort to make the development’s potential for affordable living possible.

Gerry Greenwood, chairman of the Oak Creek Planning Commission, was the only town representative who came to the meeting.

“It’s important that the Town Board receives as much advice from the county and their own citizens so that all of these issues are at least discussed,” Greenwood said.

The Oak Creek Town Board will have a work session on the annexation and subdivision during its meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday at Town Hall.

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