Town tightening belt for ’04 budget |

Town tightening belt for ’04 budget

Nick Foster

The town of Hayden will not get all the things it wants in 2004. It might not even get many of the things it needs.

Upon reviewing the 2004 fiscal year budget, Town Clerk Lisa Johnston said she realized there isn’t much money to spare.

The town’s total projected revenues are about $1.45 million, and the projected expenditures for basic town operation are about $1.34 million, leaving $114,187 for other needs or desires within Town Hall, the police department, public works and recreation board, Johnston said.

Johnston presented the budget with “bare-bones cost” to the Town Board at a work session Monday, where trustees then directed her to items on the budget marked as “immediate needs.”

The “immediate needs” category exceeds the $114,187 remainder, so the Town Board will further prioritize the list at its Oct. 21 work session, Johnston said.

“The board didn’t give any indication of what they thought was most important,” Johnston said. “I’m sure they want some time to think about it.”

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Some of the most expensive items on the immediate needs list are a request for a new police officer at $46,000 per year and a recreation department request for $137,000 for road and parking amenities at Dry Creek Park. Routt County probably will help pay for the roads and parking because they also will be for the Routt County Fairgrounds, Routt County Manager Tom Sullivan said.

Other items on the budget that were considered needs are now deemed luxuries, Johnston said.