Top 10 ways to know you’re a Steamboat Springs local |

Top 10 ways to know you’re a Steamboat Springs local

Teresa Ristow
The Tugboat Grill & Pub in Ski Town Square was a Steamboat staple before closing in 2013.
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We asked Steamboat Today’s Facebook followers to fill in the blank: You don’t really become a Steamboat Springs local until _______.

And there was no shortage of responses.

The Facebook post picked up more than 120 comments, and even more good dialogue within the replies between readers.

[swift-tweet]Here are some of the top ways to know you’re a Steamboat Springs local. [/swift-tweet]

10. You work two to three jobs and one is for a season pass. — Scott O’Connor

9. You’ve been in the police blotter. — Tim Puckett

The Steamboat Springs police blotter, known around the Steamboat Today newsroom as The Record, chronicles the day-to-day happenings of local law enforcement. While the daily report does include any serious crimes that may have taken place, it also describes the not-so-serious incidents the local police are called for.

8. DUI and a blown ACL is what I’ve heard. — Jesse Brucato

7. Went to daycare, preschool, elementary school, junior high and graduated from high school with the same people. — Crystal Fortune

In a city with only three public elementary schools, one public middle school and one public high school, it’s certainly possible to go to class with the same kids through you’re entire childhood.

6. Seen a show at the Tugboat or listened to Jimmy at Dos Amigos … oh wait. — Curtis Fortune

When the The Tugboat Grill & Pub in Ski Town Square closed for good in 2013, dedicated patrons turned out to say their goodbyes, share memories and bid on memorabilia, which pops up for resale on Craigslist from time to time. Don’t remember The Tugboat? Don’t worry. We’ve catalogued some of our reader’s fondest memories, which now live on through the internet.

5. You get up in the morning and there’s a bear in your yard, and you’re cool with it. — Verleen Tucker

The locals may be cool with it, but bears still cause a fuss around Steamboat every year. We’ve caught them climbing in (and falling from) trees, and most recently, one tried to claw its way into a doughnut delivery vehicle.

4. You got a hot cookies pass the same day you get your ski pass. — Carly Gmeiner Davidson

Word is that Steamboat skiers used to carry a separate pass that granted access to warm cookies at the base area after a day of skiing. All in favor of bringing this back?

3. You have a $5,000 bike on the top of your $500 car. — Curt Merchant

In a place dubbed Bike Town USA, we think this is less about being a true local and more about having your priorities in line. Just make sure your car is burly enough to take you to the best trailheads.

2. You’ve seen it snow every month of the year. — Nils Thunstrom

After consulting with Steamboat Springs meteorologist Mike Weissbluth of, statistics show it is likely some snow, even just a trace, has fallen during each month but July at some point over the last 30 or so years. Weissbluth said it’s certainly possible for snow to fall at higher elevations surrounding Steamboat during any month of the year, and strong downdrafts could drive a few flakes down to the valley floor.

1. You can’t afford housing and sleep on a friend’s couch for at least a month. — Bryant Pugh

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